20 May 2007

HK Kim Gary Restaurant - Yet another Hong Kong cuisine restaurant, only slightly better

1 Harbourfront Walk
#02-128 VivoCity
Singapore 098585

Dining out with a group of friends means I can sample many dishes and take many pictures.

But before that, some general thoughts on the quality of food, service and ambience.

Quality of Food
I would say slightly better, since each item does come in larger portions and the presentation is better thought out, compared to other restaurants serving the same fare. Though I don't really understand why the long queue.
Taste-wise is pretty much like the standard Hong Kong fare of baked rice, overpriced instant noodles, Hong Kong-styled western food and extra thick toast.
Brownie points for using hot plates to serve their western food and bamboo steamer baskets for baked rice.

The thing about being there with a group of friends is that we find humour in any possible manner. It was quite amusing that the waitress taking our order got confused. But being a helpful bunch, we always pro-actively help to clarify any confusion. I think they are improving though. My friend had ordered the some baked rice with "twin sauce" but the meat in it tasted stale. After informing the waitress, the manager came by to explain the taste meant to be that way, but gladly cancelled that order from the bill since he didn't like it.

Noisy, much like those Hong Kong restaurants seen on TV. Great for a lively crowd, no volume restriction. Rather cramped though, but it's really the same anywhere else.

And now, pictures of the food my friends and I ordered.

Almond Tea and Longan Aloe Vera
Drinks - Almond Tea and Lemon Aloe Vera
Nice fragrant Almond Tea. Longan Aloe Vera Drink was enjoyable as well.

Korean Noodle with Fried Egg
Korean Noodles with Fried Egg
My friend didn't like this one. It is once again the instant noodle shock.

Roasted Spare Ribs with Honey Glaze
Roasted Spare Ribs with Honey Glaze
Pretty good as well, but the meat doesn't come off the bone like good ribs should.

Pork Chop Cutlet with Red Sauce
Pork Chop Cutlet

Baked Rice
Baked Rice
Comes in red or white. Red one is tomato based and has a sweetness from tomatoes. White one is very rich in cheese and butter. Comes with fish or chicken or maybe something else as well.

Herb Lamb Chop with Garlic Sauce
Herb Lamb Chop
That lamb taste is very strong in this one and the cuts are very fatty with chunks of bone. Pretty challenging to deal with. Had to resort to using hands to eat it cleanly.

17 May 2007

Revisiting ROCKY V

If there was one thing to remember from Rocky V, it's got to be this:

Of course on a lighter note, what if...

What? They want to do Rocky VI as a stay-in-workforce-longer campaign?

15 May 2007

There is no reason

Well, we all probably saw this on The New Paper already:


Yeah, it raised my eyebrow a bit.
Maybe we had it coming from a long way.

Of course, then came this gem of a response:


Accident? Misunderstanding?
Wah lao, might as well say the bus captain used his face to attack the student's fist.

I don't know about you, but all I see is a lawyer in training, spin doctor and outright liar.

And so he apologized too, which reminds me of another incident.

But first and foremost, why the violent reaction?

I thought a student from the top school would understand that behind every action lies a reason. Didn't he get into the local ivy league with loads of reasoning in the first place?

The bus captain's reason would be to investigate the origins of the ez-link card. Unless the students knew, why the hostile and violent behaviour? The only plausible conclusion was that the students knew that they might be in trouble stemming from the ez-link card.

I just ponder what was the intention of TNP to have published it, was it to:

  1. show the public that this student is sorry
  2. show that scholars can write their way out of trouble
  3. show that students from top schools do not listen to reason
  4. make a mockery of the school and student from this matter
  5. implore that we should forgive the elites for their mistakes

Anyhow, Hwa Chong femes [read: (in)famous] again liao.
And may I say, Uniquely Singapore at it too.
Wonder if Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam got any official statement, better track the news...

14 May 2007

Wandering around town

I was wandering around town the previous weekend with my camera along.

First came along this architectural monster that was supposed to fly. But I cannot imagine how the Singapore Flyer might fly, perhaps the flyer it was referring to was the paper kind that can float away with a gust of wind.

Then came another thing that is called a flyover, which really meant that whatever that goes on it has a mild illusion that it is flying upon it.

Next I saw the Central Rat Race District from afar, where I hear that men wear a short variant of a leash and women don warpaint on their faces.

I also came across a nearly forgotten monument that commemorates people who fought for the freedom of this land.

Then I came across a sign that keeps me away from danger and perhaps a loophole in my insurance coverage. I ask myself if that was fair, only to stumble upon a symbol of justice, eyes closed like it didn't want to see and so far away that makes me a little skeptical.

I run to a grand church, finding a sense of peace. I turn around to leave, and found that it had to make a little leeway for underground development.

I looked across the street, but "Capitol" didn't call out for me. So I looked to the right and saw "Eden" beckoning.

I crossed the road and got closer, but then I realize it is but an illusion of Eden, made with non-biodegradable plastics no less.

Can't help but ponder, "Gee, I am amazed I can actually crap with such continuity." :p

Of Ubuntu, Vending Machines and Balloons

I was still enjoying my free time last week. I was also glad to have a friend (who was also quite free) to drop by my place to help take a look at my old computer. With his midas touch, the old PC returned to life. But there was a problem, for righteous and practical (budget) reasons, we didn't/couldn't/wouldn't install Windows XP. So the next possibility came to mind, Open Source Operating System, which basically led us to only ubuntu. Ubuntu is surprisingly easy to install if you ask me. All I had to do was put in a single CD with the OS burnt into it and it loaded in minutes. Double-click on the Install icon and the OS loads into the hard disk.

Goodbye Windows, Hello ubuntuGoodbye Windows, Hello ubuntu Hosted on Zooomr

Pretty exciting to work with, since it comes preloaded with games, image editing software, photo organizing software, OpenOffice applications and is internet ready, almost like a Mac. Next thing is to turn it into a LAMP server for web development. Any how, that's the story of the household that now has 3 different OS running.

Fast forward to Sunday morning at the East. While we are leaps and bounds behind Japan in many aspects, I was quite glad that we made some progress in the discipline of vending machines.

Umbrella Vending MachineUmbrella Vending Machine Hosted on Zooomr

One day, we might have a vending machine that exudes, err, more authentic Japanese culture.

Leaving the thwarted mind behind for the church, I spotted this rather cool set of balloon wings, halo and sword of the spirit.

balloonangelballoonangel Hosted on Zooomr

Definitely something one can learn to keep children really entertained for hours, provided they don't burst, that is.

11 May 2007

Latest News: Singapore to host F1 in 2008

Ok, we should start saving up for the tickets now. Be it to catch it for ourselves, or to resell it to others for a cut-throat profit...

Anyway, if you haven't caught the news, those cars will zoom past places like Esplanade, Fullerton, Merlion, City Hall, Swissotel Westin, Singapore Flyer just to name a few in September 2008 and should continue to do so for 5 years, and then renewable on a 5 year basis.

Also, in response to the inpending effects of global warming, the race is likely to be held at night so that the drivers as well as spectators will not suffer from heat stroke. Much like how many local people stay up late to watch the premiere league, the timing of the race will cater to the Ang Mohs in Europe, where it is probably unsafe to watch television at night.

Anyhow, there are plenty of opportunities that will come alog with the F1 coming to Singapore. So put on your entrepreneural hat and get cracking on how you can make your little bit of fortune out of those fuel guzzlers. Hmm... how about a way to clear the carbon emission?

8 May 2007

The Local Countryside

I can't say I particularly enjoy walking down Orchard Road to City Hall. While it is a great walk for people watching and spotting marketing gimmicks (which usually involve PVC and/or short skirts), it gets pretty dreary once you keep going at it. So it is really nice to find somewhere less crowded and with less exhaust fumes.

Figs on a treeFigs on a tree

A while ago the girlfriend and I took a ride on the Kranji Express to the Lim Chu Kang countryside, took a walk at Sungei Buloh, crossed paths with a 2-metre long monitor lizard and had some snacks at Poison Ivy. It simply left me pining for more of the area.

The Local Countryside - Hay Dairies Goat FarmThe Local Countryside - Hay Dairies Goat Farm

It was a weekday when my parents and I visited the area, so we were a little disappointed when we found out that Green Circle wasn't ready for business. We then moved off to Hay Dairies Goat Farm for a look-see and some goat's milk. We had missed the milking session, so we had to settle for the meet-the-goats session.

The Local Countryside - Hay Dairies Goat FarmA hungry goat expecting to be fed.
The Local Countryside - Hay Dairies Goat FarmPregnant nanny goats

You can see some of their bellies move from the kicking kids inside. Fascinating.

The Local Countryside - Hay Dairies Goat FarmThe "stud" sniffing a nanny goats... Nuff said...

So a bit of reality check here: the goats don't really frolic in the vast grass patches as you see in the Flash animation on the web site. (If you sense I'm a little peeved by this, it is only because you got to watch The Meatrix)

So after the meet-the-goats session, we bought a few bottles of fresh goat's milk, chocolate and original flavours.
Advice: I prefer the original flavour to the chocolate one. So skip the chocolate, because it doesn't really taste fantastic. But of course, it is a matter of personal preference. Try at your own risk.

The Dragonfruit FarmThe Dragonfruit Farm

We then adjourned to the dragonfruit farm just next door. For the uninitiated, dragonfruit, or pitaya grows from a family of cacti that looks just the picture above. They come in 3 varieties, red skin with white flesh, red skin with red flesh and yellow skin and white flesh. The farm only sells the first two varieties along with other products that are derived from the fruit, like fruit enzymes and canned dragonfruit juice (either red or white).

Flower of the Dragonfruit plantFlower of the Dragonfruit plant

My parents and I definitely didn't just want to settle with buying the dragonfruits, so we toured the plantation.

Flower of the Dragonfruit plantFlower of the Dragonfruit plant
Flower of the Dragonfruit plantFlower of the Dragonfruit plant
Flower of the Dragonfruit plantFlower of the Dragonfruit plant
A cute little thingA cute little thing

Of course, it is my duty to inform readers that there are thorns, and should proceed with a level of caution. Especially when you see plants growing so close together...

The Local CountrysideBe careful of thorns

Besides the main function of growing dragonfruits, the farm also has some sidelines for variety, probably catered to pique the visitors' interest.

Aquatic plantsAquatic plants
Wine gourdsWine gourds

Just before leaving, we chanced upon a koi pond. So I stepped closer to the edge and the next thing I knew, the kois swarmed towards me and surfaced as if in a feeding frenzy.


It turns out that the kois were constantly fed by visitors and apparently they expected feed the moment someone steps near the edge of the pond! Damn smart lor!

Think I will plan another trip to the local countryside soon. :)