15 May 2007

There is no reason

Well, we all probably saw this on The New Paper already:


Yeah, it raised my eyebrow a bit.
Maybe we had it coming from a long way.

Of course, then came this gem of a response:


Accident? Misunderstanding?
Wah lao, might as well say the bus captain used his face to attack the student's fist.

I don't know about you, but all I see is a lawyer in training, spin doctor and outright liar.

And so he apologized too, which reminds me of another incident.

But first and foremost, why the violent reaction?

I thought a student from the top school would understand that behind every action lies a reason. Didn't he get into the local ivy league with loads of reasoning in the first place?

The bus captain's reason would be to investigate the origins of the ez-link card. Unless the students knew, why the hostile and violent behaviour? The only plausible conclusion was that the students knew that they might be in trouble stemming from the ez-link card.

I just ponder what was the intention of TNP to have published it, was it to:

  1. show the public that this student is sorry
  2. show that scholars can write their way out of trouble
  3. show that students from top schools do not listen to reason
  4. make a mockery of the school and student from this matter
  5. implore that we should forgive the elites for their mistakes

Anyhow, Hwa Chong femes [read: (in)famous] again liao.
And may I say, Uniquely Singapore at it too.
Wonder if Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam got any official statement, better track the news...

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