20 May 2007

HK Kim Gary Restaurant - Yet another Hong Kong cuisine restaurant, only slightly better

1 Harbourfront Walk
#02-128 VivoCity
Singapore 098585

Dining out with a group of friends means I can sample many dishes and take many pictures.

But before that, some general thoughts on the quality of food, service and ambience.

Quality of Food
I would say slightly better, since each item does come in larger portions and the presentation is better thought out, compared to other restaurants serving the same fare. Though I don't really understand why the long queue.
Taste-wise is pretty much like the standard Hong Kong fare of baked rice, overpriced instant noodles, Hong Kong-styled western food and extra thick toast.
Brownie points for using hot plates to serve their western food and bamboo steamer baskets for baked rice.

The thing about being there with a group of friends is that we find humour in any possible manner. It was quite amusing that the waitress taking our order got confused. But being a helpful bunch, we always pro-actively help to clarify any confusion. I think they are improving though. My friend had ordered the some baked rice with "twin sauce" but the meat in it tasted stale. After informing the waitress, the manager came by to explain the taste meant to be that way, but gladly cancelled that order from the bill since he didn't like it.

Noisy, much like those Hong Kong restaurants seen on TV. Great for a lively crowd, no volume restriction. Rather cramped though, but it's really the same anywhere else.

And now, pictures of the food my friends and I ordered.

Almond Tea and Longan Aloe Vera
Drinks - Almond Tea and Lemon Aloe Vera
Nice fragrant Almond Tea. Longan Aloe Vera Drink was enjoyable as well.

Korean Noodle with Fried Egg
Korean Noodles with Fried Egg
My friend didn't like this one. It is once again the instant noodle shock.

Roasted Spare Ribs with Honey Glaze
Roasted Spare Ribs with Honey Glaze
Pretty good as well, but the meat doesn't come off the bone like good ribs should.

Pork Chop Cutlet with Red Sauce
Pork Chop Cutlet

Baked Rice
Baked Rice
Comes in red or white. Red one is tomato based and has a sweetness from tomatoes. White one is very rich in cheese and butter. Comes with fish or chicken or maybe something else as well.

Herb Lamb Chop with Garlic Sauce
Herb Lamb Chop
That lamb taste is very strong in this one and the cuts are very fatty with chunks of bone. Pretty challenging to deal with. Had to resort to using hands to eat it cleanly.

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