30 December 2008

John and Melissa's Wedding

Congratulations to John and Melissa! And thank you for the opportunity to cover your beautiful wedding. Have a blessed marriage!

25 December 2008

Christmas at my office

As always, we did something really nice and simple. :)

Christmas Dinner at Dezato

It is always nice to find a small start up that serves good food. To put it simply, the food is as good as it looks, so good that I am reluctant to say anything more to improve their business to the point that it might compromise its quality.

Appetizer: Avocado & Shrimp + Grilled Baby Sardines

Sashimi: Salmon + Sweet Shrimp

Soup: Donbinmushi or Teapot clear soup with shrimp, mushroom and chicken

Grilled Dish: Grilled scallops with special cod's roe sauce + Yaki Tori + Grilled asparagus bacon roll + Grilled salmon with cheese

Main Course: Grilled Seafood with Special Miso Paste on Hoba Leaf

Main Course: Grilled Beef with Special Miso Paste on Hoba Leaf

Main Course: Seafood California Maki

Dessert: Cheese Mousse with Passion Fruit Jelly