14 June 2009

Reservist: Best 2 weeks of this year! (1-13 June 2009)

I was attending to matters of national importance (i.e. reservist) for the last 2 weeks and it was the best 2 weeks of this year. The following is a quick run-down of activities.

1 Jun: In-process. Met up with old and new camp-mates. Visited the eMart for a shopping spree with 11B credits and returned with a backpack that’s more suited for travelling, very high-end earplugs and a very good LED torchlight. Ended the day with an 8km route march.

2 Jun: Lecture and IPPT training.

3 Jun: Weapons training and IPPT.

4 Jun: TSR questionnaire and IMT.

5 & 6 Jun: Go for range.

8 Jun: Infantry Gunnery and Tactics Simulation

9 & 10 Jun: Field mission

11 Jun: Virtual Battle Simulation – like playing CounterStrike or Call of Duty.

12 Jun: Out-Process and Cohesion Dinner

13 Jun: IPPT

I’m already looking forward to the next reservist training. I liken it to an military-themed vacation. It makes me feel young again, because everybody behaves in a hilariously juvenile manner. No I can’t blog about it because the details are classified.

2 June 2009


These small creatures in the sea are usually spotted by the sharp eyes of experienced dive masters. Beautiful things, they are.

Wasn't able to get an exceptionally good shot of this one, but at least I got a shot for recording.

More to come!

1 June 2009


Here are some pictures of clownfish taken in the waters around Redang.

More creatures from the not-so-deep coming up!