11 May 2007

Latest News: Singapore to host F1 in 2008

Ok, we should start saving up for the tickets now. Be it to catch it for ourselves, or to resell it to others for a cut-throat profit...

Anyway, if you haven't caught the news, those cars will zoom past places like Esplanade, Fullerton, Merlion, City Hall, Swissotel Westin, Singapore Flyer just to name a few in September 2008 and should continue to do so for 5 years, and then renewable on a 5 year basis.

Also, in response to the inpending effects of global warming, the race is likely to be held at night so that the drivers as well as spectators will not suffer from heat stroke. Much like how many local people stay up late to watch the premiere league, the timing of the race will cater to the Ang Mohs in Europe, where it is probably unsafe to watch television at night.

Anyhow, there are plenty of opportunities that will come alog with the F1 coming to Singapore. So put on your entrepreneural hat and get cracking on how you can make your little bit of fortune out of those fuel guzzlers. Hmm... how about a way to clear the carbon emission?

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