14 May 2007

Of Ubuntu, Vending Machines and Balloons

I was still enjoying my free time last week. I was also glad to have a friend (who was also quite free) to drop by my place to help take a look at my old computer. With his midas touch, the old PC returned to life. But there was a problem, for righteous and practical (budget) reasons, we didn't/couldn't/wouldn't install Windows XP. So the next possibility came to mind, Open Source Operating System, which basically led us to only ubuntu. Ubuntu is surprisingly easy to install if you ask me. All I had to do was put in a single CD with the OS burnt into it and it loaded in minutes. Double-click on the Install icon and the OS loads into the hard disk.

Goodbye Windows, Hello ubuntuGoodbye Windows, Hello ubuntu Hosted on Zooomr

Pretty exciting to work with, since it comes preloaded with games, image editing software, photo organizing software, OpenOffice applications and is internet ready, almost like a Mac. Next thing is to turn it into a LAMP server for web development. Any how, that's the story of the household that now has 3 different OS running.

Fast forward to Sunday morning at the East. While we are leaps and bounds behind Japan in many aspects, I was quite glad that we made some progress in the discipline of vending machines.

Umbrella Vending MachineUmbrella Vending Machine Hosted on Zooomr

One day, we might have a vending machine that exudes, err, more authentic Japanese culture.

Leaving the thwarted mind behind for the church, I spotted this rather cool set of balloon wings, halo and sword of the spirit.

balloonangelballoonangel Hosted on Zooomr

Definitely something one can learn to keep children really entertained for hours, provided they don't burst, that is.

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