25 January 2009

Chinese New Year Market

A final look before they close for the year.

Heading to Chinatown

Towards Chinatown


Lights and Lanterns




The road - the only place with less people.

Waxed meats

Waxed meats

Chinese New Year decorations

Chinese New Year decorations



Chinese New Year decorations

More decorations

Bone Relic Temple

Bone Relic Temple


Night market auctions

Neil Road

Neil Road

24 January 2009

I believe in you. God

I believe in you. God

Sunflower bike

Sunflower bike

Oh, and one more thing...

Happy Chinese New Year!

Thanks especially to all who stumbled upon this obscure blog at one time or another. Extra blessings for you all!

And for those who believe in the Lord, watch out for golden calves during this festive season, yah?

Around Braddell

...with a 14-24mm! (In other words, I'm trying to tame the lens and get to know it better.)

DSC 7374


DSC 7375

DSC 7377

DSC 7378

DSC 7379

DSC 7380

DSC 7381

DSC 7383

15 January 2009

Lou Hei-ing

We did the Lou Hei-ing early this year. HUAT AH!

Lou Hei-ing

Lou Hei-ing

Lou Hei-ing

14 January 2009

Sheltered Walkway (2nd take)

Did a second take of this sheltered walkway earlier today.

Sheltered Walkway

Sheltered Walkway

My previous take is here.

12 January 2009

Yinjie and Limin's Wedding

I think I'll get bad karma from all these photos already!

Weapons of mass distraction

logistic problem: not enough shower caps...

Dunking incident!

Boys will be boys will be boys

The guys were obviously making sure they have more fun than the girls!


Wah lau eh!

Oh, he was just writing stuff!

Pay back time!!!

Happy New Year from the couple!