29 March 2009

Guess where this is

Guess where?

Hint: It's a lot closer than you think. ;)

26 March 2009

Chris and Sihan's Wedding Day

My heartiest congratulations to the couple!
Hope you had as fun much as I had covering your wedding day!

The camera-shy sisters.

High on pole-dancing!

Yue Fei Spoof

"Legally binding"

All cakes land on the face somehow

The shoes

The bouquet

Sihan's dad is effortlessly cool

The father and his 3 daughters

More photos at my multiply album!

23 March 2009

Delirious? in Singapore

Delirious? had performed during the G12 conference. These are some of the photos I had taken. Click on the image for the full album.

Wenhang and Meiyan's Wedding Day

Congratulations to Wenhang and Meiyan! Have a blessed marriage!