27 February 2006

Reading between the lines

Yes, I know this is probably old news. But what the heck! I just want to be heard for the sake of being heard.

Yes, I think the sign hints very loudly, if you want to end your life, don't end it on the MRT tracks. You'll make a bloody mess on the tracks and people have to clean up after you. Not to mention you will cause a lot of inconvenience to the masses who travel on the MRT.

Like what the sign says, "Act Responsibly", in every sense.

There, I've made my point. It's liberating. Thank You.

Black and Whites

Made some coloured shots into black and white to add a dash of dramatic effect. What do you guys think?

Yes, I am still shamelessly plugging for my FREE photography services.

The great thing about black and whites is that they tend to make an ordinary picture more dramatic. I mean, these pictures were taken impromptu at TCC at Atrium in Dhoby Ghaut. By turning the colour picture into black and white, it gave the subject extra edge, a timeless feel and much much more character. But of course many times luck plays a part.

Jenny, air stewardess and bride-to-be.

Jenny Teo
Jenny Teo
Jenny Teo

You think he's really cool in the picture, but the truth be told, he's having a hard time drinking the ice coffee...


24 February 2006

Hermoine gets a "growth spurt"

Hermoine get a growth spurt and it is distracting everyone.

Click here if you can't see the video.

Tragedy of An Auto-Flush Sensor



I was built to serve the forgetful masses in the toilets. But the moment I was installed, an omnimous feeling overcame me.

When the first person my buddy served came in, he opened up the seat cover. Then, darkness fell. And then on, I could only hear sounds...

Then, I felt my button pressed. I let my water out into my buddy. It was done, but it wasn't the same and it never will be. I realised I could never fully satisfy the people I was created to serve. I felt betrayed by the contractors who installed me. I have lost hope in humanity.

22 February 2006

Origami Meets Seventh Month

I thought it was a nice visual arts installation. But the origami was made with josspaper...

Pictures shot with a Motorola ROKR E1. This is NOT an endorsement. The camera function is, well, crap, as you can see.

21 February 2006

Proven: We have been eating trash

Never knew that we had been eating unhygienic snacks in the past...

We're all gonna die.

Pictures shot with a Motorola ROKR E1. This is NOT an endorsement. The camera function is, well, crap, as you can see.

16 February 2006

Coffee Machine Antics

Tried to steam some fresh milk on the coffee maker just now. But that ended up in a mess...

15 February 2006

Roses are Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Black...

Realized I had forgotten to take photos of roses for the fun of it...

<censored swear word>

Another reason to why I love photography. :)

Mum and Dad's Valentine's

Mum and Dad wore red this morning. So did I. How sweet. (No, I didn't include myself in that.) Valentine's Day is any day where you take effort to make your better half extra special.

14 February 2006

Platform GAP

On the way back home on the train, I thought I noticed a slight difference in the door announcements. Not too sure, but did they include platform now?

Opening? Too inviting. People might want to step into it.

Crevice? Too narrow. People's foot won't step into it anyway.

Ravine? Too organic.

Trench? Too military. The guys might start doing fire movement.

Moat? Too defensive. Then must invite people to step across with a drawbridge.

Drain? No water.

Crack? Too crooked.

Hole? Maybe, but it doesn't explain the length.

My complete rantings at Yellow, Creamy and Bittersweet.

12 February 2006

Yellow, Creamy and Bittersweet

I just started a blog project to chronicle the typical Singaporean life. I hope it relates to the typcial middle-class Singaporean.

It's about little personal struggles in everyday life. It's about the monotony and one's attempts to break out of it. It's about the down on luck situations that just makes us want to curse and swear. It's about our typical aspirations for a car, a flat and a few kids if we can afford it. It's about our love for rojak, barbequed stingray, chilli crabs, char kway teow, chicken rice and durian. It's about growing up. It's about an occasional indulgence where we can spoil ourselves. It's about how we feel when our ministers discuss national issues. It's about how we evolve in our thoughts. It's about justifying our existence.

It's a personal project for now. And it's still at its humble beginning stage and no doubt it is probably unoriginal. But I still hope readers will find time to look at this blog and give comments and your thoughts about this little red dot on the world map. Because it is about the identity.


11 February 2006

Chinese New Year coming to a close...

A boy celebrates Chinese New Year in his own way at Esplanade's Huayi Festival.

Yet another case of shameless showing off of my photography.

Another reason to why I love photography. :)

It's Unintentional... Really!

Doggie Academy

The dog gets a pat in the head while the master has a good time...

Another reason to why I love photography. :)

10 February 2006

Why I don't have her picture in my handphone or wallet?

Someone asked why I don't keep a picture of Joyce in my wallet or handphone.

Simply because for someone that special, taking and keeping a picture on my ROKR phone doesn't seems to correlate very well. ROKR is meant for iTunes, so it's camera function wasn't as well-developed as other more advanced cellphones. My Nikon D70 takes way better photos. (Its CCD is much much larger than the ROKR's, thus the better image quality.) Plus I can potentially print an A2 photo of her to adorn my puny bedroom.

My wallet isn't any better either. My current wallet is, well, rugged and pretty messy. Not a nice place to keep anyone special. Should I acquire a very manly braun buffel wallet, I would put her photo in there. But I would probably take good care of the wallet too, by leaving it at home. Then her image won't be close to me.

Luckily I already have her in the best place available. :)

Yah, I know. Goosebumps.

Girl in a Red Hat

Shot on 21 Jan 2006 at the Botanic Gardens. Found her really adorable walking by herself up a slope to her grandmother.

Yes, I'm still shamelessly plugging for photography services, which I am offering for free.

Another reason to why I love photography. :)

Love is Strange

Somehow it feels... icky seeing this commercial...

"It's so... so... unnatural."

9 February 2006

What if Terminator met Jesus?

What if Jesus Christ had someone to protect him from the crucification?

Watch this ridiculous parody as Terminator attempts to alter the course of history.

Jagong Powered

"What if we could live green by going yellow?"

The humble maize - affectionately known to some of us as Jagong, which also incidentally one of the pet names of a good friend of mine, Justin - could well be the new source of fuel for cars.

Now that's environmentally cool.

Resources courtesy of Google Video

8 February 2006

I am watching you, literally

Like a Sim game

Stumbled upon this website that offers a web analytics tool that looks like a Sim game.

Gives a whole new meaning to You are being watched. Maybe the next installment for this tool will include a feature to map the visitors face to the avatars.


But it does potentially make one's job more interesting.

I had a weird thought

One fine day this thought came to my mind:

Would it be a cool idea to be able to earn enough from just investments and not be worried about money and become a pastor?

Hmm... Pastor Kor? Wonder if there is a ring to it...

I must be going crazy.

A weird ad on my bLog...

weird ad


Came across this weird ad listing on this blog...

I'm trying to figure out why it's even relevant on my blog.

Off to catch Objects of Meditation by William Yang now.

America's TV - The Commercials are Great...

...but the shows are crap. (I quote Tony Campolo on that)

Then again, there might be some truth to it. Read Jon Steinback's post, This Bowl's for you, on Google Blog. To him, the more interesting thing about Super Bowl isn't the game, but the commercials.


What's more interesting: a 3-hour game or 30 seconds of Jessica Simpson arguing with Miss Piggy? I think we all know the answer to that one! After all, we live in an era in which a company will pay $2 million so the world can watch a sock puppet.

Yes, I too am excited that everyone and anyone with an internet connection can see the Super Bowl Commercials on Google Video.

7 February 2006

6 February 2006

Flickr sucks!

It turns out that flickr only lets cheapos like me put up 200 photos. It chucks your old photos without even tell you. Yuck! Lousy service!

River Hongbao Fireworks

Caught this on my Nikon D70 just over an hour ago. Ok, so I did a little photoshopping on the picture, but it's only to make it look nicer...

Of course, here I want to shamelessly promote my photography services. It's FREE. Any takers?

Another reason to why I love photography. :)

Cool Honda Car Ad

Came across this Honda CIVIC ad from Xiaxue's blog. Quite cool. Wonder if Johnny (of mr brown's "Zhng My Car" fame) can "zhng" a complete choir in a Lexus sports car... And if Benson would fancy such an outrageous idea...

4 February 2006




Sunflowers from the Sentosa Flower Festival. A view that definitely brightens anyone's day

Another reason to why I love photography. :)

3 February 2006

Now I got readership...

And my private life is now, well, not so private. Thankfully, I've come to terms to the idea of self-depreciating humour. So it's ok for me to let people know of the nonsense that goes through the lump of carbon-based material commonly called my head. Anyhow, honesty is the best policy. Better to let known than keep it within for the pressure to build up. Of course there's the part about the nonsensical, self-depreciating content that concerns a certain someone special that won't get out of my head. What if she finds out? I'm probably about the only person who will bother to search for the online existence of anyone who may not be well-known. In really bad terminology, it's like voyeurism, or worse, online stalking. Yup, for my esteemed reader (that's you, the one before this screen), you are either someone I already know, or someone I've already come across on either friendster, Multiply or as an honourable mention at prominent blogs like Xiaxue, Mr Brown or Mr Miyagi. In all cases, you are either a good buddy of mine or a hot chick with an online existence and photo album. So back to the question, for a blog that is so obscure, why should I need to worry? I'm the one doing all the pointless legwork anyway.


Would be nice if Joyce would be my supermodel for the trip to the Flower Festival at Sentosa tomorrow. Would be nice take nice photos of her with a backdrop of beautiful flowers. That is, if she says ok tomorrow. She'll only be back home in Singapore midnight tonight. Snapping me back to reality... Fiona (a.k.a. Kopi-Soh) has been staking stabs of me and Joyce going out on dates. Now she's saying I should not take an extra step for 14 February. Grrr...

Fooling around with Google Adsense

Realised the Adsense on a certain blog has lots and lots of ice-cream machine advertisements because of a long-long entry that had a lot to do with 2 people spending time together and having the chilly dessert. More specifically, it was an ice-cream fondue from Haagen Daz. Heheh... I wonder what kind of ads will Adsense plonk onto kormmandos.blogspot.com with this nonsense entry...