17 December 2007

Pink Nipple Cream

Finale Pink Nipple Cream

I didn't read the back of the box to fully understand what this cream actually does, but I thought it was absolutely wacky weird intriguing fascinating quirky haywire (uh, anyone got a better dunno-what-to-say adjective?) for such a product.
I'm not sure if the existence of this product reflects its demand, but it's like saying that there is a demand for a medication to make nipples, uh, pink. Or that there is a desire for, uh, pink nipples.
Or that there is a desire for, uh, pink nipples.
Underlying reasons is up to your fertile imagination.

Not only that, the prodct even boasts of Nanotechnology. fwah~!

Definitely something that might need to go through a public acceptance curve though. Plus it's nice to know that Singapore is more liberal in this area, at least in perception.

16 December 2007

I made pancakes

Getting from this...


...to this...

Pancakes with jam

...is surprisingly simple.

Just add milk and an egg, mix everything up into a batter and heat up a non-stick pan. Then you'll need a bit of patience to finish cooking all the batter.

5 December 2007

The Story Of Stuff

Here's a great narrative on stuff, or something we should all watch before we decide to buy anything.


And here's a dreadful revelation from the people that make us buy, buy, buy and buy:

"Our enormously productive economy... demands that we make consumption our way of life, that we convert the buying and use of goods into rituals, that we seek our spiritual satisfaction, our ego satisfaction, in consumption... We need things consumed, burned up, replaced and discarded at an ever-accelerating rate."
Add this on the fact that we have limited natural resources and you will know that we are headed for trouble.

The more we get together...

...the more lame we become~!
...Add in liberal amounts of alcohol and who knows what's gonna happen?