27 November 2008

Roof top party - Back to School

It's that time of the month again for the people in the building to unwind.

More photos here.

A Rather Awesome Wedding Decor

This was set up for a Malay wedding around my neighbourhood. Definitely one of the more elaborate decors I've seen. Not that I've seen much, really. The winner here is the fabrics that are lavishly draped across the ceiling. Pity that the details on the floor was not symmetrical, or it would have looked perfect.

An almost HDR take of a void deck wedding

25 November 2008

Pangkor Island Idle

After many a dramatic discussions in the details of the trip, we finally went for the weekend getaway.

There is actually nothing much to do on Pangkor Island, which makes it a really conducive environment for anyone who needs to run away from all the hustle and bustle of the rat race. The simplicity of the people and the pace of life grows on you. The hospitality is disarmingly familiar and warm, more so when you interact with the local Chinese with their thick Malaysia-accented Mandarin.

Getting to Pangkor Island does take patience. The coach ride from Singapore to Lumut Ferry Terminal (somewhere in Perak, Malaysia) takes around 10 hours. Thereafter, a 30 minute ferry ride to the private jetty of the resort.

Rooms in Pangkor Island Beach Resort can be booked online. The accommodations were pretty cheap for what is considered to be a luxury resort previously managed by Pan Pacific Hotels. The rooms were spacious, clean and comfortable.

The resort had a nice and clean private beach. Every morning, plenty of crabs would be foraging in the sand. While not as grand as the crab swarms that sweep through Christmas Island, it is still a sight to behold. The complimenting tropical rainforest ecology also lends a healthy number of hornbills to the resort that come by daily for fresh supplies of fruits.

The island's town can be covered by a quick tour on one of the pink passenger vans that serves the island. With quick stops to view the processes of creating dried fish, a wholesale centre, a Dutch fort and a temple or two, it is almost a gratuitous ride.

Alternatively, take a round-island boat tour for a different view of the island and end it all with a little bit of snorkeling. But don't get your hopes up too high, the water isn't exactly crystal clear all the time, not that it matters to the hungry fishes that will nibble at your outstretched hand.

Which is probably why so many guests would while the whole day away soaking up the sun and the picturesque view at the beach resort, occasionally interrupting the tranquility with a novelty activity or two.

In the evenings, the Golden Oriole Lounge and Bar is filled with live music performed by a Filipino trio. Quieter moments are available in the form of night fishing or just a good night's rest.

Well, enough about Pangkor. I guess it is time for me to plan my next beach getaway.

In the meantime, more photos from my Pangkor trip here.

21 November 2008

What's wrong with Singapore Scholarships?

During recent gathering, a friend of mine (who is a social worker) shared that MOE gave out scholarships to students from China for them to study here in Singapore. And in an effort to retain and integrate them into our society, part of the scholarship bargain was for the students to perform community service.

This is undoubtedly a great idea that inculcates social responsibility in the elites that will in time have great influence in society. But it left me with a question:
How about scholarships for the locals?
It is tragically hilarious that the government would go through so much deliberation to attract, retain and integrate foreign talent, but yet do little to develop the heartware of local scholarship holders.

P/S: I have to clarify that I do not know of any scholarships for locals that requires serving the community. But if you do know of any scholarships or bursaries of such a nature, do leave me a note in the comments section.

9 November 2008

1 Corinthians 15:55

Where, O death, is your victory?
Where, O death, is your sting?

8 November 2008

At a Dinner and Dance Event

I have to say this: When let their hair down, they REALLY let their hair down!

In the Marina Barrage

Went back to Suntec City from Marina Barrage by the ferry which was free on that day. It was definitely a nice experience, the water route and all.

This would have been my preferred mode of transport on water, but I was concerned of my precious and the instructors would let me off at Esplanade Jetty. Kayaking was free for that weekend as well.

My ride back to Esplanade Jetty

Seen at the Marina Barrage

A few shots of the sculpture...

...And my kind of dream cars...

Sightseeing at TNP Big Walk

I definitely enjoyed the opportunity to do some sightseeing as I walk.

The New Paper Big Walk on Water

The Big Walk this year is pretty different from the previous years'. This time it is only 5km starting from Suntec City and ending at Marina Barrage. I would say it was such a scenic stroll that even the sight of congestion at multiple points in the routes was a rather nice thing.

At the start point in Suntec City

More photos of the excursion coming up.

5 November 2008

Marcus and Linnet's Wedding

I wasn't the official photographer, but it didn't stop me from taking some plenty of shots from everywhere else. :)

The wedding ceremony was held at Holy Grace Presbyterian Church while the banquet at at King's Centre. The former was spacious with simple, clean lines and the latter was elaborate and luxurious.

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