30 June 2006

So much for Professional Soccer

Did I mention these people make tonnes of money for all these? :p

This made my day... :)

Nice character animation. The lip-sync can be improved, but nevertheless very enjoyable. :)

26 June 2006

I think this one got "Special"

Please feel free to post other clever, smart ass comments for the photo.

25 June 2006

Lose Your Hair, Light a Heart

Anybody game enough for this? A project by Children's Cancer Foundation Children with cancer typically lose all their hair during chemotherapy. In solidarity of children with cancer, "Hair For Hope" invites you to shave your head to raise awareness and funds to improve their quality of life. Share your Heart of Gold Join Hair For Hope '06 23 & 30 July 2006 (Sundays) Suntec City Mall, Fountain of Wealth Register Today! www.ccf.org.sg/hfh Tel: 6835 6465

Because I look like this, only less cute

The girlfriend had given me this some time back when she returned from a business trip because I have horrendously dark eye rings. Fortunately, I look like a panda. Unfortunately, I'm not as cute and cuddly.

24 June 2006

Found this somewhere in Raffles Place...

Comes in your preferred choice of spreads like kaya, peanut butter or even otah.

19 June 2006

Arrggghhhh~!!!!! Noooo~!!!!! Multiply is down!

My multiply is down. In fact the whole of Multiply is down. Been down for almost 24 hours. Please come live again.

16 June 2006

Websites as Graphs

2 variations of kormmandos.multiply.com See your site as a graph here.

10 June 2006

Seen at Lot 1: 超口爱乐团

Apparently, a band that consists of giant pandas. Ok, so I'm swakoo. So is this meant to "groom" tomorrow's music consumers?

4 June 2006

"Drink Milk, Enhance Assets"

Hello~! All you Orchard loving people~! You have probably seen this already, but it makes good content. Basically, this ad just cracks me up due to the sheer tastelessness and crudeness. I mean everything in the ad points back to the model's "assets". "One is good. Two is better." Notice how the 2 glasses of milk is strategically positioned right under the model's "assets". This gives just about anyone who saw the picture a right to take a second look. ... I think Marigold has a really bad advertising problem.

3 June 2006

Free Dog Dish with Chips

Buy 2 packs of chips and you'll get a free dish that happens to resemble a dog dish. Except this dog dish is suitable soccer fans, humans and dogs alike.