14 March 2007

Organic Haven - Bollywood Veggies

Poison Ivy @ Bollywood VeggiesPoison Ivy @ Bollywood Veggies Hosted on Zooomr

It is a well-known fact that the owner of Bollywood Veggies is "high society lady", Mrs Ivy Singh-Lim. This consequently impacted on the image of the organic farm. Everything is very manicured here, and it is a far cry from its neighbour, Green Circle, another organic farm.

For the same reason, Bollywood Veggies isn't a farm that shies away from attention. And since everything here is all extra nice, extra proper, it makes a viable tourist attraction. And with visitors, there's Poison Ivy, a café probably named after the owner.

Poison Ivy serves up just about everything its farm produces. There's a wide variety of curry, vegetables, cakes, drinks and bananas. It wasn't meal time, so the Girlfriend and I ordered just the banana bread, jackfruit cake, lemon cake, lemon tea and fig tea.

Fig Tea and Banana Bread Jackfruit cake Lemon Cake

While the portions were small, at $2 a piece, it was an opportunity to sample the menu.

The lemon cake was pretty refreshing with a unique spiciness to it. However, it did seem a little coarse on the palate.
The banana bread was made with the bananas harvested from the farm. It was fragrant, moist and spongy.
I liked the jackfruit cake best. While the portions were really miserable, the cake was more like a sticky kueh with lots of jackfruit bits in it. Plus it was served warm, which only enhanced the texture and taste.

The Girlfriend and I then "goondu-ly" walked into the farm area. Unbeknown to us, there was actually a price to pay to enter ($2). We only realized our boo-boo when we looked at the map and promptly returned to Poison Ivy. I doubt it would be fun to face a dagger brandishing Ivy.

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