14 May 2007

Wandering around town

I was wandering around town the previous weekend with my camera along.

First came along this architectural monster that was supposed to fly. But I cannot imagine how the Singapore Flyer might fly, perhaps the flyer it was referring to was the paper kind that can float away with a gust of wind.

Then came another thing that is called a flyover, which really meant that whatever that goes on it has a mild illusion that it is flying upon it.

Next I saw the Central Rat Race District from afar, where I hear that men wear a short variant of a leash and women don warpaint on their faces.

I also came across a nearly forgotten monument that commemorates people who fought for the freedom of this land.

Then I came across a sign that keeps me away from danger and perhaps a loophole in my insurance coverage. I ask myself if that was fair, only to stumble upon a symbol of justice, eyes closed like it didn't want to see and so far away that makes me a little skeptical.

I run to a grand church, finding a sense of peace. I turn around to leave, and found that it had to make a little leeway for underground development.

I looked across the street, but "Capitol" didn't call out for me. So I looked to the right and saw "Eden" beckoning.

I crossed the road and got closer, but then I realize it is but an illusion of Eden, made with non-biodegradable plastics no less.

Can't help but ponder, "Gee, I am amazed I can actually crap with such continuity." :p

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