27 July 2006

Singapore Idol Drop Out becomes Bikini Model Wannabe

This is Chanelle. Some might vaguely remember her as the regimental singer. (FYI, she's 7th in this list of contestants. http://www.singaporeidol.com/scoops_070406.htm) Life after Singapore Idol... "Will use my fringe to cover my face. Hope people don't recognize me..." "Shit, people are recognizing me from Singapore Idol, FHM Girl Next Door Competition, dodgy road shows, etc..." "Better change outfit and get out..." Frozen solid by the sight of herself singing horrendously in Singapore Idol 2. Nope, you don't get any where after Singapore Idol.

23 July 2006

Caught in the train

Tip of the day: You are NOT supposed to eat on the MRT.

Edible Little Devil

In a feeble attempt to help out in the kitchen, I came across this... What will they think of next? Available at major supermarkets. (I think...)

22 July 2006

Review: SONY Alpha 100

SONY launched its DSLR body yesterday at Marina Square.

Apart from the good lenses (Carl Zeiss) and CCD technology the Alpha 100 has, it's an awful DSLR.

There are too many knobs and buttons all over the place. See the pictures and compare with your own SLRs and imagine how you will fumble with the Alpha 100. I think the Alpha 100 is an embarrassment to SONY.

The camera modes dial is on the right side instead of the usual left. Your hands need to run all over to to switch modes. Plus it is so alien if you are users of the more established DSLR brands.
There is no LCD screen to indicate your settings

Can you find the on/off switch?
Exactly, it is in a totally alien position. Now image you are using it and you want to turn it on to capture a shot. Two hands required. Compared to Nikon, you only need one.

What! Another knob?
This knob's worse, to control it, you need to twist it to the correct position, and then press the button on top of it! There after, you need to use the joypad to choose your desired settings.

No flash release button. You need to pull the flash out yourself.

Too many knobs to play with.

On a lighter note,
With cameras come models. (Some of them had nice legs)

With models come dirty old men with huge cameras.

Notice the ah pek with the longest lens.

So for all you guys thinking about a DSLR, don't buy the Alpha 100 and the Olympus E series.

This entry also means that I will mock you if you carry a SONY Alpha 100.

Baby Dedication @ The Sims

These are sort of long overdue to see the light of day the internet. Joseph Sim, son of Andrew and Florence Sim, had a celebration for his first month in this world. We gathered at the newly formed family's place for a simple celebration and a baby dedication ceremony. This a photojournal of that day. Click on the picture to go to the full album.

16 July 2006

Found Cosplayers at CG Overdrive

They are actually demonstrating a new green screen technology where a ring of green LEDs are mounted on a camera. The actors then work in front of a special screen made to reflect the green light to the camera. I hate my ROKR E1...

9 July 2006

Bachelors' night out

Once again, the (in)famous five went out in the middle of the night for supper and some personal updates (aka reducing ourselves to gossip fodder for the rest) This time round, we actually got an instant barbecue pit, along with some barbecue friendly food. We couldn't find a spot at Seletar dam, so we ended up in Sembawang Park. As usual, Justin is preoccupied with a certain somebody. Personally, I equate somebody that calls late in the night to talk for stretches to trouble. I mean, mine never does that. To compound the problem, she apparently knows how busy Justin is, but yet calls come at those weird times. Not to put him down, but Justin seems to always find the wrong kind of girl. And the way he treats a relationship, unbelievable. Finishing the food, Yangyi began to drive everyone home. Justin, as usual, knocked out in the car. He's always tired. Dropping him off, we went our way to Hougang for Zengrong. Somehow, without Justin around, the conversations get more spirited. We moved on target Daniel, who is ROMing in October. Oddly enough, there is this arrangement with his future in-laws that he needs to sleep over at their place during weekends, for them to "assess his character". I just thought that he already fell into the trap. He should have just insisted that he would travel to their place daily on weekends and not sleep over on weekends on the sofa. We decided to carry on our chit chat at Hougang, in a park. There, we were up to a bit of nonsense yet again. "Evacuating" at the bush... Swingers... Overgrown kids on the see saw (I'm on the other end)

Ang Moh Ah Beng

This one's just for the record: Yes, there is such a thing as an "Ang Moh Beng".