11 August 2008

Night at the Museum

After our session at the Mind Cafe and the brief glimpse of the National Day fireworks, we moved on to the National Museum for a group portrait session.

First up, I set up a single speedlight unit just behind Eugenia and Liyan to light up the arch, David. It also gave the ladies a nice subtle highlight. Unfortunately, I didn't have the equipment to eliminate David's shadow being cast upwards.

In the same set up, I took shots for a few other pals. Here is Aaron and his brother Justin.

We moved on towards the back of the museum. Nothing technical about the lighting for this picture, I was just playing with composition.

Made this fun composition with everyone (except myself) messing around with the headphones.

What exactly is Yangyi listening to?

And more messing around...

I thought it would be nice to do something fierce...

And here's the favorite shot, with much thanks to Yangyi for holding up the speedlight unit on camera left.

Almost like Heroes.

More photos available at my multiply album.

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