27 August 2008

Liyan, The Navy Specialist

Liyan is a friend of mine who is leaving the Navy to pursue her studies in France and she wanted to do a photo shoot with her No. 1 uniform for keepsake.

It isn't exactly common for a girl to be serving in the military, at least in Singapore. So I wanted to try and bring out her feminine nature while also showing the trait of strength and toughness of women serving in the military.

I also wanted to veer away from very stoic shots that I find rather common for formal uniform shoots. Thus, the smiles and intense lighting for an almost glamorized look.

So what do you think? Did the shoot achieve my intentions?

The lighting setup consists of 2 Speedlights (1 x SB-600 and 1 x SB-900) The SB-600 was used mainly to create the edge lighting while the SB-900 is used to illuminate the subject.

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