28 August 2008

Limau Limau Cafe

Came across this place while roaming the streets towards Jonker Walk in Melaka and took a quick break. It seemed really laidback, especially since I was probably the first customer of the day.

The Shop Front

The Shop Front

The staff went about with the daily chores while I checked out the place, which consisted of two levels. I really liked the upper floor, balcony and all.

The second floor

My favorite bit was probably who well ventilated and how much natural light was allowed in. Cool and warm at the same time.

The second floor

The second floor

I proceeded back to the bar counter and pondered over their menu, which consisted mainly of drinks concocted with fruits, ice and yoghurt.

Colorful clothes pegs at the bar counter

colorful clothes pegs at the bar counter

I finally ordered a dragonfruit lychee smoothie which went down really quickly thanks to dehydration from the sweltering heat outside.

The waitress serving me my dragonfruit lychee smoothie

With my thirst satisfied, I bid the place goodbye and continued on my roamings in Melaka.

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