22 June 2007

Warning to all mobile phone users! (Which means EVERYONE)

I just received my phone bill and was shocked to find out that some f**ked up SMS company called Blinck billed me 33 bucks for 11 messages I did not want. Their customer care claimed they have the unsubscribe messaging all over. But that is not the case!

The worst part is that they bill some many months later after a good amount of damage has been done. I had to call the companies. Yes, PLURAL. I had to call my mobile phone company to get the number for the f**ked up subscription company charging me to stop the subscription, then I was referred to another f**ked up ang moh company that provided the content that will get my money.

I hope that volcanic island off Africa erupts soon, because it will cause a mega-tsunami to hit the east coast of America, and I hope that f**ked up company is there in the east coast. When that happens, which means it will, serves them right for ignoring global warming, making Bush president, making stupid fuel guzzling cars, going to war, overall being an ultimate a*****e.

And all this cursing and swearing for an extra $36 on my phone bill, there is no hope for the human race lor.

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