24 June 2007

Blackhead Bread

Earlier in the day, some friends and I had gone to visit Lionel at his resting place. Thereafter, a bunch of us left for their destinations while Zengrong and I went to visit Wei Jeah's new place around Kim Keat for an informal house warming. On our way back to the main road, we came across an old bakery run by some middle-aged to old men. I was thoroughly fascinated by their products. With the camera in hand, these are some of the snapshots of what I saw.

Blackhead Bread

I seem to be always attracted to the old, disused, forgotten things around us. I think these things give a certain life, character and identity to the place they are found. I probably caught on this fascination when Zengrong brought me to the old ST James Power Station before it was refurbished into what you will see today. Above all, it is literally a refreshing sight from the usual Orchard Road.

Blackhead Bread

As for the bread from this traditional bakery, what attracted me first were the loaves of "blackhead bread" stacked on the racks to cool down. Not to mention I love the colours too.

Blackhead Bread

Of course, we also wanted to have a taste of the freshly baked "blackhead bread", so we shared to buy a loaf, which was only $2.20.

Blackhead Bread Blackhead Bread Blackhead Bread

Then, I gave it a try... And it was the most wonderful plain bread I had tasted! The bread was moist, soft but firm on the bite. It didn't dissolve into a mess in the mouth and you can savour every bite you take slowly. It is no wonder the bakery still stands today.

The shop front

Anyway, besides the "blackhead bread", the colourful trays which they use also caught my eye.

Trays and uncle reading newspaper

Vibrant colours.

Trays Trays

Really glad we made the trip to Wei Jeah's place, otherwise I would have missed out such a lovely place in the equally lovely area.

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olivia said...

hi, there is one similar bakery along whampoa road, and it's $1.20 a loaf! there is a different taste to the bread though, it's sweeter than the usual gardenia ones