1 June 2007

Explanation for "Dude, where the photos?"

Hi all,

Some of you may have noticed that quite a number of photos on my multiply were not accessible in the last few days. This is because of the technical issues faced by Zooomr, the hostng service that I am using. Long story cut short, Zooomr attempted to launch their new Mark III service, but their systems went down because it couldn't take the surge of load at the launch. Some hardware was permanently burnt out. But with the help of really passionate people and technology evangelists, they just got things running again. Photos are available again and things are looking really good for Zooomr.

Also, if you take lots of good photos, give Zooomr a thought as it allows photographers to sell their photos and keep 90% of the price, which is determined by the photographer himself.

Zooomr is currently in the process of upgrading to Mark III. But it should roll out by within this coming week, if all goes well, that is. So keep your fingers crossed that this 2-man company makes it!

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