30 June 2007

Review: Transformers

Not bad lah. Quite entertaining if you don't cross-reference the old Transformer cartoons.

But hor, if you do, quite pek-chek one.

How they get their vehicle form practically came from the Beast Wars. Scan scan her and there can liao.

The transforming is just too stylo-mylo until it is confusing and is dunno for what lor.

And donch have that "yee-yee-or-or" transforming sound.

Then hor, other than Bumblebee and Optimus Prime hor, all the other transformers cannot recognize one! Only hear their name, then you "huh" to yourself lor.

The old cartoon hor, they fight in the barren lands. In the movie, the Transformers is FIBUA (Fighting In Built Up Area) trained one.

Starscream is not red colour one! Pui! Liddat how to recognize? Then he only got one line. Then fight here, fight there already, stand on top of some roof see dunno what show. Isn't he supposed to try and usurp Megatron's position as leader of the Decepticons?

Frenzy hor last time was a cassette tape that will jump out of Shockwave who is the radio and cassette player robot. Now hor, he become some stupid ninja robot, can throw shurikens one! And hor, he now upgrade from cassette tape to cd player lor. Then after that can even upgrade to a mobile phone. Then what about Shockwave? Obsolete liao have to sell to karang guni is it?

Talk about Megatron hor, I think they confuse with Galvatron, lor. Megatron where can transform into aeroplane one? And he donch have his sibeh twa-kee cannon on his hand. See? How to recognize is Megatron?

Bumblebee since when become some stupid American car? American car sales cannot make it say so. What? Scared Volkswagen business too good is it? Then halfway can upgrade his car model some more.

Then the Transformers shio-parh always kena jump cut to some other scene one.

If lucky it jump cut to Megan Fox, if not lucky jump cut to dunno some bo liao human scene. Then suddenly jump cut again and the Autobot transformer win the fight liao. I thought should be like wrestling, got finishing move one mah?

Huh? What? No budget to animate the fighting scene footage?

Then hor, then hor, this worst part hor. They do the Transformers until so detail hor, but then hor, cannot see one! Megatron transform to his sibeh twa-kee cannon cannot see, Starscream cannot properly, Everyone also cannot see properly.

At least they got show Megan Fox properly.

But really, if you put aside all these things above, good movie lah.

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