12 June 2008

Misleading information by Cadbury

Chocolate is good for you

While it is true that chocolate is good for you, check the cocoa content of that chocolate bar.

Cadbury tells you the half truth by omitting that their products contain only a small portion of the good cocoa and a lot of milk solids and fats, which build up fatty deposits in the coronary arteries. Does that mean the little bit of cocoa in Cadbury chocolates can neutralise its fatty contents?

Chocolate is Nutritous

If you want truly nutritious and healthy chocolates, get the dark variety with a high percentage of cocoa stated.

If you want calcium, try the foods listed here: http://pediatrics.about.com/od/calcium/a/06_calcium_food.htm Milk, yes. But milk chocolate? Nope, not in the list.


I totally agree that everything should be taken in moderation. But which brand and quality do the United States and Switzerland eat? Fine dark chocolate or fat laden types with little or no cocoa content?

That said, there are of course chocolates worse off that Cadbury.

These billboards were spotted at a dedicated section for Cadbury products in NTUC Fairprice at Changi Airport Terminal 3.

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