5 June 2008

Did Malaysia PMO website get hacked?

According to the "hack page", a special officer called it an unsuccessful hacking attempt.
Wah lao! Either you are giving too much credit to the "hacker", or you are telling us how un-savvy you are with computers lor.
Still, credits to the techies behind the website for rectifying the loop hole. It is now not possible to link an external webpage.

Not really, or at least I think it wasn't. Here's why:

A Malaysian contact on my multiply thought that the Malaysia Prime Minister Office website got hacked and posted a screen shot of the hacked page with the URL in it.


On closer look, I suspected something amiss about the URL, why would a the PMO site link to a geocities hosted page?


I tried to putting a different URL in place of the geocities URL and it worked, I successfully "hacked" the Malaysia PMO website.

So I shared my findings with the Multiply contact and by the time I was done posting the reply to his post, the Malaysia PMO website was down and "under construction".


I can't be sure what exactly happened, but I'm guessing the tech support behind the PMO website must have had a knee jerk reaction from the screen shots that might have been circulated. If so, then it has been yet another case of self-pwn. Way to go, neighbour!

Hmm... Does anyone have a screen shot of the PMO page with a pr0n site "hacked" into it? :p

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