14 March 2007

An Interview with the Top Cat of Choa Chu Kang

Every time I walk the Girlfriend back to her home, I pass by this fat cat that rests along the sheltered walkway. Even more interesting is the way it stays undisturbed in its position despite the human traffic where it lies.

Me:Hello, kitty.
Top Cat:Hi human, I would prefer to be known as Top Cat, Fat Cat or Mr Cat, if you don't mind. Kitty is pretty demeaning to us cat-kind.
Me:Very well, please accept my apologies. I shall address you as Top Cat.
Top Cat:That is well appreciated, Mr Human. Meow~
Me:How long have you been living in this area?
Top Cat:It must have been 3 human years, I think.
Me:How do you find the humans here?
Top Cat:The cohabitants here are most kind. The younglings would pat me some times. There would be some nice people who come by with some food for me. Occasionally, there would be nasty humans who think it is funny to kick a cat.
Me:How do you prevent yourself from that kind of abuse?
Top Cat:At first it was rather nerve-wrecking whenever I got shoved around. But I soon I realised that they wouldn't dare to strike with the intention to kill as there are other people around all the time. There will be people with pushcarts around that area keeping watch as well. Anyone who tried anything funny would have to deal with those people with pushcarts. Next, it was not to react to such things because your reaction is what encourages them to do those things. I chose not to react, not to be afraid, not to be intimidated. Eventually, No human tried anything funny.
Me:I can see that. You are lying right in the middle of the covered walk way and you are not even perturbed by the human activity!
Top Cat:The humans around have come to accept and welcome my presence as I accept and welcome them.
Me:Tell me about your typical day.
Top Cat:I'm more active at night as all cats. I do move around a bit, contrary to what most humans perceive. It is just that you see me mostly during the day, which is rest time. I get offered food during the day. There will be rice usually, sometimes there will be desserts like cake.
Me:While on the topic of food, what's your favourite?
Top Cat:Poultry, chicken would be ideal. Desserts are good too. And if you might noticed, I much larger than the average cat. I like to think I'm the localised version of Garfield, just not as well known.
Me:That's a good one.
Top Cat:No, that's being unashamed of attracting attention.
Me:Right you are. And you have captured our attention very well. Thank you, Mr Cat. It has been a pleasure interviewing you.
Top Cat:And I like the attention. Meow~

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