2 May 2006

SPAM Wars: Blue Security vs Rest of SPAM Community

Some info you should know before going thru this entry: I was previously using Blue Security's Blue Frog, a spam reporting tool that integrates with Firefox browser on my old PC. Also, Blue Security has been gathering a huge database of spammers, and it has sort of become THE definitive registry of spammers.

Recently (last few days) I received many many spam emails on my gmail account. First, I got an email like this, accusing Blue Security and its software, Blue Frog:

You are being emailed because you are a user of BlueSecurity's well-known software "BlueFrog." http://www.bluesecurity.com/

Today, the BlueSecurity database became known to the worst spammers worldwide. Within 48 hours, the database will be published on the Internet, and your email address will be open to them all. After this, you will see the spam sent to your mailbox increase 10 - 20 fold.

BlueSecurity was illegally attacking email marketers, and doing so with your help. Many websites have been targeted and hit, including non-spam sites. BlueSecurity's software has been fully analyzed, and contains an abundance of malicious code. This includes: ability to send mass mail to users; the ability to attack websites with Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS); the ability to open hidden doors on any machine on which it is running; and a hidden auto-update code function, which can install anything on your computer and open it up to anyone.

BlueSecurity lists a USA address as their place of business, whereas their main office is in Tel Aviv. BlueSecurity is run by a few Russian-born Jews, who have previously been spamming themselves. When all is said and done, they will be able to run, hide and change their identities, leaving you to take the fall. YOU CANNOT PARTICIPATE IN ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES and expect to get away with it. This email ensures that you are well aware of the situation. Soon, you will be found guilty of computer crimes such as DDOS attacking of websites, conspiracy, and sending mass unsolicited bulk email messages for everything from viagra to porn, as long as you continue to run BlueFrog.

They do not take money for downloading their software, they do not take money for removing emails from their lists, and they have no visible revenue stream. What they DO have is 500,000 computers sitting there awaiting their next command. What are they doing now?

  1. Using your computer to send spam ?
  2. Using your computer to attack competitor websites?
  3. Phishing through your files for your identity and banking information?

If you think you can merely change your email address and be safe while still running BlueFrog, you are in for a big surprise. This is just the beginning...

Then, the following days, I got loads of spam. From the spam emails, many go something like this:


You are recieving this email because you are a member of BlueSecurity (http://www.bluesecurity.com).

You signed up because you were expecting to recieve a lesser amount of spam, unfortunately, due to the tactics used by BlueSecurity, you will end up recieving this message, or other nonsensical spams 20-40 times more than you would normally.

How do you make it stop?

Simple, in 48 hours, and every 48 hours thereafter, we will run our current list of BlueSecurity subscribers through BlueSecurity's database, if you arent there.. you wont get this again.

We have devised a method to retrieve your address from their database, so by signing up and remaining a BlueSecurity user not only are you opening yourself up for this, you are also potentially verifying your email address through them to even more spammers, and will end up getting up even more spam as an end-result.

By signing up for bluesecurity, you are doing the exact opposite of what you want, so delete your account, and you will stop recieving this.

Why are we doing this?

Its simple, we dont want to, but BlueSecurity is forcing us. We would much rather not waste our resources and send you these useless mails.

Its simple, we dont want to, but BlueSecurity is forcing us. We would much rather not waste our resources and send you these useless mails, but do not believe for one second that we will stop this tirade of emails if you choose to stay with BlueSecurity. Just remember one thing when you read this, we didnt do this to you, BlueSecurity did.

If BlueSecurity decides to play fair, we will do the same.

Just remove yourself from BlueSecurity, and make it easier on you.

It seems that this spammer has orchestrated a retaliation against Blue Security with a series of accusations.

That stated, I did a little bit of surfing/research on www.bluesecurity.com and found this announcement. I also found their forum populated with threads discussing about that same spam email, stating that the spam emails that might have been reaching your email boxes are desperate attempts to discourage the use of Blue Frog.

The latest thread on this saga reads:

As expected, one major spammer (apparently in great distress) has just started spamming our members with discouraging messages in an attempt to demoralize our community.

This spammer is using mailing lists he already owns and is now sending millions of such messages - some of which may reach your inbox.

It was clear that although most spammers listen to the voice of reason and comply with the Registry, others may choose a different type of response.

Our answer to those criminals should be one - we will not be discouraged; We will continue to exercise our right to opt-out of spam.

Make spammers hear you load and clear - report your spam and let Blue Frog fight spammers on your behalf.

Keep on the good work and let spammers know - we will prevail!

A second look at the spam email, I realize some of the "dubious traits" that you notice in spam emails, like repeating itself, typo/spelling errors, subjects that don't correlate to email content and no use of apostrophes/quotes.

Yes, the SPAM WARS has begun. And our emails are the victims of collateral damage in this war. However, we can play a part in this war against spam by reporting all these emails of discouragement to Blue Security with Blue Frog.

I am doing my part to report these spam emails. Just that I will need to download the software again.

As internet users, we have a choice to say no to spam, and we must exercise this right.

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