2 May 2006

Screw Apple Store's Customer Service

That's it. I'm making this official. Apple's got a mighty fine looking flagship store right in Orchard Road. But those monkeys there can't tell me if I can code Java on a mac. Some joker had actually tried to smoke me and said no, which is untrue because mac fully integrates Java. Neither can they give a good answer about OpenGL support for the new Intel-based mac machines. And they could not answer why Diablo 2 cannot run on OpenGL.

Earlier, I had called the help desk and they gave me some encouraging answers. However, the person on the line had an Aussie accent. It was a high likelihood that the helpdesk guy was actually taking the call from Australia. They are really nice and had proper knowledge of the mac system, unlike some "look good, no substance" counterparts closer to home.

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