17 May 2006

Cow in the City

A "lunchtime expedition" to Raffles Place again. This is what I saw: It's bad enough that cows are given Bovine Growth Hormones to make them produce more milk than they should. Now you bring them out to the city, an unnatural and unfamiliar surrounding as a sideshow. Not only that, the cow is put in an enclosure without any shelter and subjected to the harsh afternoon sun. It doesn't help that there is noise (read: whatever from the large screen at Caltex House) is blaring non-stop. To cool off, the animal was only sparingly sprinkled with water occasionally. And it is visibly suffering from the heat. For such a large animal, it needs much more. Hell, just because it is in Singapore doesn't mean that it should be placed in confined spaces like us humans. Animals don't adapt like humans. In short, the cow is immensely stressed. And may I mention the people surrounding the cow? It's sad to notice that there are more people fascinated by the cow than people who are concerned about the mistreatment of the cow. As much as I want to say everybody should stop drinking milk - hey, it's up to you. I only recommend not choosing Marigold when you think of milk.

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