6 January 2010

Jae & Wendy's Engagement

Congratulations to Jae and Wendy!

Having a ROM Solemnization says relaxed and fun all over!

Everyone thought the rain would ruin the day, but it subsided just before the ceremony started.


JaeWendy0003 JaeWendy0015 JaeWendy0025

I liked this decoration detail...

JaeWendy0036 JaeWendy0037 JaeWendy0005 JaeWendy0060 JaeWendy0065 JaeWendy0096 JaeWendy0106

Jae and Wendy had their crazy smiles during their ring exchange

JaeWendy0137 JaeWendy0181 JaeWendy0182

We went around the chalet to for a photo shoot!

JaeWendy0273 JaeWendy0279 JaeWendy0290 JaeWendy0293 JaeWendy0302 JaeWendy0310 JaeWendy0312

It turns out that the chalet don't allow their guests to hold ceremonies there.

JaeWendy0325 JaeWendy0333 JaeWendy0344 JaeWendy0347 JaeWendy0395 JaeWendy0361 JaeWendy0385 JaeWendy0411 JaeWendy0419 JaeWendy0432

Back to the chalet to entertain their friends and guests.

JaeWendy0464 JaeWendy0492 JaeWendy0508

Almost always, the groom gets bullied...


They were practicing for their wedding day and banquet.


There was even the pyramid of glasses, but it was made up plastic disposable cups.


Lastly, what's a chalet without mahjong?


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