4 January 2010

Aaron & Sharon's Wedding Day(s)

Congratulations to Aaron and Sharon! Your camera ready family was a joy to work with! :)

The details! AaronSharon0002 AaronSharon0005 AaronSharon0006 AaronSharon0007 AaronSharon0009 AaronSharon0014 AaronSharon0044 AaronSharon0035 AaronSharon0036 AaronSharon0055

The preparations! AaronSharon0003 AaronSharon0008 AaronSharon0010 AaronSharon0011 AaronSharon0012

All psyched up for the gatecrashing! AaronSharon0013 AaronSharon0015

The gatekeepers! AaronSharon0016

The battle of wits with wrapped bottles of coke. AaronSharon0017 AaronSharon0018 AaronSharon0019

The universal hand sign recognized at all gatecrashes. AaronSharon0020

Reading out the imperial edict! AaronSharon0021 AaronSharon0022 AaronSharon0023

Sharon is a Chinese teacher, so she had Aaron do an Chinese oral test - Picture composition. AaronSharon0024 AaronSharon0025 AaronSharon0026 AaronSharon0027

They bumped into friends at the Registry of Marriage in Fort Canning. AaronSharon0028 AaronSharon0029 AaronSharon0030 AaronSharon0031

The lucky serial numbers for the coming weekend(s)! AaronSharon0032 AaronSharon0033 AaronSharon0034

Before the wedding banquet... AaronSharon0038 AaronSharon0042 AaronSharon0045

The petrified page boy. AaronSharon0046 AaronSharon0051 AaronSharon0057

It is always about having fun couple shots to laugh about! AaronSharon0058 AaronSharon0063 AaronSharon0064 AaronSharon0065 AaronSharon0066 AaronSharon0067 AaronSharon0068 AaronSharon0070

And just when you thought everything was over... AaronSharon0071 AaronSharon0072 AaronSharon0073 AaronSharon0074

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