21 July 2008

Cui Yuan Hong Shan Zhong Rojak

There are many variations of rojak available in Singapore, all of which are have the element of mixing its ingredients up. While I can’t say that I have a favourite kind of rojak, I do recommend this grilled variety.


Rojak from Cui Yuan Hong Shan Zhong

Incidentally, people might argue that this isn’t really rojak, but just a plate of stuffed taupok and youtiao. As for me, I’m more transfixed on the food. Who cares about debating if it should have pineapples and turnip before it can be called rojak anyway?

What makes the rojak or taupok youtiao here special is the use of a charcoal grill. Each item you order is toasted to perfection over the old school grill for that doistinctive smoky flavour you can taste in every bite. Everything is quickly cut into bite-sized pieces and generously drizzled with the black rojak sauce and a generous shower of crushed groundnuts.

End result is plate consisting of crispy youtiao that you wish you didn’t need to fight over among friends. Among that, stuffed taupok with that amazing fine, crumbly texture that goes so perfectly with the crunch of beansprouts and cucumber.

Of course, I personally like that the stall is run by an old couple in an old school eating places like Bukit Merah Food Centre.

Below is the address and a picture of the stall for identification.

Blk 163, Bukit Merah Central #02-20 Bukit Merah Central Food Centre Singapore 150163

The stall front

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