14 July 2008

A Complaint to My Town Council


Dear Sir/Madam

I would like to thank the town council's effort to erect the curb in a bid to prevent the flooding of the walkway that is next to Block 223. However, I would like inform you respectfully that your ingenuity has not solved your residents' problem.

As you can see in the photograph, rainwater has been collected despite the presence of the newly erected barrier. Moreover the walkway was made relatively smooth to begin with. This combination makes that stretch of walkway extremely slippery, and thus dangerous, especially for older folks.

I am appalled by the lack of sense that has been displayed through this solution. Obviously money spent to build the barrier has gone to waste, judging from this puddle that may just breed mosquitoes.

Of course, I am not here just to complain, I propose a solution too! Below is a suggestion to this potential hazard since your first implementation has failed to address the problem.

Suggestion Elevate this portion of the walkway and slightly slope it off to the left so that rainwater can be drained. At the same time, ensure that the surface of this portion have sufficient traction to prevent people from slipping.

Thank you for your time in consideration.

Of course, I sent a less kwai lan message via the feedback form at the Hong Kah Town Council website. Hopefully, there will be some sensible actions to solve this little problem.

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