26 April 2008

Overheard and identified?

men discuss sexploits

I was pretty irritated by the man in blue with his legs wide open and taking up 2 seats on the train. Yes, I heard your luxury car is with the mechanic and you found public transport more efficient, but this isn't the place to "sit outside the box" or "let your floodgates open".

But then his conversation with the fellow passenger got interesting. Proudly, they started discussing about their exploits involving "sweet young things" and how well they kept them entertained and how nice they felt to the touch and many other suggestive and graphical areas, as if they were "connoisseurs of sweet young things". If that ain't enough, they even verbally agreed to exchange contacts of those whose services they were exceptionally pleased with.

Oh yah, the man in blue even mentioned that it's ok since his family isn't around...

Guess everything can be viewed as "okay" if people who matter don't know about it nowadays.

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