10 April 2008

Kevin and Shan Shan - Wackiest Wedding Ever!

KAPOW! Every one of us who attended were as pleasantly bewildered as you are!


Kevin and Shan Shan held the wackiest wedding ever, first with some mad antics at their Tea Ceremony, then their singing during their first march in, live band performances, magic show, juggling. The best part had to be them breaking into a dance to Doncha wish your girlfriend was hot like me during their second march in.

(Ok, this shot was photoshopped to death, but you get the idea...)

They said it best, "We can't take gorgeous wedding photos, so we might as well be totally wacky, lor!" So anybody else want to have a wacky wedding? Let me know! I want to cover! I might even consider doing it for free!

DSC_2423 DSC_2668 DSC_2677

Click here for the full album at my Multiply.

Special Bonus Video just for the fun of it!


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