17 December 2007

Pink Nipple Cream

Finale Pink Nipple Cream

I didn't read the back of the box to fully understand what this cream actually does, but I thought it was absolutely wacky weird intriguing fascinating quirky haywire (uh, anyone got a better dunno-what-to-say adjective?) for such a product.
I'm not sure if the existence of this product reflects its demand, but it's like saying that there is a demand for a medication to make nipples, uh, pink. Or that there is a desire for, uh, pink nipples.
Or that there is a desire for, uh, pink nipples.
Underlying reasons is up to your fertile imagination.

Not only that, the prodct even boasts of Nanotechnology. fwah~!

Definitely something that might need to go through a public acceptance curve though. Plus it's nice to know that Singapore is more liberal in this area, at least in perception.

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vincent said...

gosh.. this is what can be found in spore guardian outlet? have u try it out? good demand?