3 September 2007

This is a first: getting sweared at by a timeshare telemarketeer

So last Saturday, I got a call from this New Horizon telling me about some free gifts which consisted of a free hotel stay in Thailand, a $1000 voucher for jewelery purchase and more which I didn't even bother listening to. But here's what I did and the one-of-a-kind reaction I got.

Telemarketeer:Hello, is this Mr Yong?
Me:No, I'm not Mr Yong. I think you got the wrong number.
Telemarketeer:Ah... Sorry, I mean Mr Kor...
Me:Yes, that's me.
Telemarketeer:Hi, I'm from New Horizon. I'm calling you about your free gift.
Me:Free gift?
Telemarketeer:Yes, your free gift at Rolex Building to collect.
Me:Wait, I heard this before. Is this for Global Trends?
Telemarketeer:(Act blur) What Global Trends?
Me:That timesharing scammer.
Telemarketeer:(Sounding agitated, defensive and almost like shouting) No, no, no. We are not that company you mention and we are not timesharing company! Our company is New Horizon. You are talking about Global Trends Services, right? Blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda...
Me:(I only mentioned "Global Trends" but this guy can return its full name, evidently he knows something. I smell a rat already.) Ok, fine. Tell me about this free gift.
Telemarketeer:(rattling out like he memorized the script) Blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda...Free hotel stay in Thailand, $1000 voucher for jewelery...
I hang up. It was too much of a coincidence for 2 different companies to be offering the same free gifts! <insert swear word> the script was the same some more!
But he persists and calls.
Telemarketeer:(Evidently pissed off) SIR, YOU VERY RUDE LEH, WHY YOU HANG UP ON ME?
WHY CAN'T I? I couldn't be bothered with this kind of attitude from a telemarketeer. Plus, I thought that was the most guniang reaction ever, kao peh to me for what? Like I owe telemarketeers a living. So I hang up on him again.
He calls once more...
Telemarketeer:(Evidently super-duper pissed off and dejected) A**HOLE! F**K YOU LAH!(hangs up.)

I can only imagine this loser ah beng wannabe with cannot-make-it punky hairstyle with lousy dye job saddened by the thought that he cannot buy his also cannot-make-it girlfriend the latest handphone in even more gawdy color. He thought he could make a quick buck like what the supervisor said.

Sorry, I know I was probably quite mean to that loser guy but I am torn between laughing my head off over this and being really pissed that I got sweared at. I mean, being sweared at by a telemarketeer is a first for me!

Here are the details I got.
Telephone: 64381298
Time I received this call: 1 Sep 07, 16:05hr

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