19 September 2007

Something's brewing at www.omy.sg

We've got a situation here, the battery levels are running low and you've got to be handing up the all important picture to be published for the tabloids papers.

And while you are at it, it might just win you a Sony Ericsson mobile phone, top prize being a K810i.


So give yourself a go at citizen (photo)journalism with this game at www.omy.sg!

Plus, according to a reliable source, something's brewing at www.omy.sg and my guess is that it will have everyone playing the role of a citizen journalist (blatant clue from game). SPH (see fine print on site) is probably going to milk our kaypoh-ness for sensational stuff we find on the street, and maybe in return, we can become feh-mes.

But for now, warm yourselves up with a simulation, where it sublimally says that the juiciest news and gossip will disappear at a blink of an eye, leaving you cursing, "O MY! I could have been (in)famous posting a picture of that!"

Or if you were looking at that all compromising helluva picture, "O MY! That's <insert your favorite adjective>!"


O MY! That's probably how SPH came up with that domain name. Which I have to ask, How come so Ang-moh-nized one? I'm booking wah-lau-eh.sg!

Will my inferences be anything accurate? The exact details should be revealed on the same website on 25 September, along with the winners of the paparazzi of a contest.


And I say it for the last time in this entry - Go play the game at www.omy.sg now!

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