23 April 2007

Experience flying

So you want to fly?
Here's one for you to get the wind in your face and world beneath your feet experience.
As you can see the aircraft adopts an "open concept" for that unique experience.

Despite its looks, the microlite is very safe from the possibilities of engine failure as its minimalist structure allows gliding to land at a safe speed.

To book an hour's ride to experience a bird's eye view, call Justin at (65) 9111 5815

Unlike learning to fly fully skinned aircrafts (like the Piper Warrior), there is less ground school for the microlite.
You can get a Private Pilot Licence (Restricted) on this aircraft. If you want to progress further and convert to a full-fledged PPL to fly the fully skinned aircrafts, you can go for a conversion course too.
For further enquiries, call Justin at (65) 9111 5815

Para-gliding is available too.

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