11 February 2007

Randomly interesting stuff from the Internet

I shall pen two new words to describe bloggers who own DSLRs AND shoot good pictures - "blographer" and "blogtographer"

We've heard about SAF's directive for a 3G Army, but this is how the US Army takes it to a whole new level. For the uninitiated, Bogden (first from the left) is holding an xbox 360 controller. Think this picture will be the most effective in recruiting naive boys to sign on the Army.

Here's a really well-made game: http://cdx-thegame.com/

Here's a tip for people going for a tattoo:
Always get someone who REALLY knows the language that you might ink on yourself.
Why? Because you wouldn't want really want to be in such embarrassments:

Lastly, here's an anagram generator from www.wordsmith.org where bLog By Pixels can be BIG BY SEX POLL

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