17 February 2007

My Happy Valentine's

It's nice to have someone special to spend time with. Valentine's Day saw the Girlfriend and I have crabs at the kopitiam in Sunshine Place. We had figured it was more worthwhile and less restrictive to have something we love at a casual setting. Above all, it was more fun. It also means that I can buy her something to use or keep.

One thing I learnt from last Valentine's was the problem of commercialisation, or the more updated term, capitalism. This simply means over-priced mediocre food and cramped seating because the restaurant wants to maximize their profits. Worst, you get a time limit to dine in. The wait staff will politely chase you out of the place should you run over the timeslot.

Compare it to dining at a kopitiam which serves good local food all year round. The kopitiam gives you the all the time and freedom get messy with the food, ample seating space and an al fresco dining experience at appropriate prices. After all these, there is still money left to spare for a decent and functional gift for the special someone.

Of course, this tip is provided that you are fortunate to have a partner like mine, who simply prefers food to frills. If you have a prima donna for a partner, well...

But the most important thing I want to say in this post is really, "Thank You and I love you." to the Girlfriend who has shared the past one year with me and put up with all the crappiness and nonsense that I have intentionally and unintentionally put her through. It has been a wonderful year with you and I want you to know that I really appreciate you and your being around during my stressful times. Thank you for sharing those wonderful times together, thank you for being there when I needed you most. I sure there will be more to come, and I look forward to spending them with you.

Muackz~! :p

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