10 February 2006

Why I don't have her picture in my handphone or wallet?

Someone asked why I don't keep a picture of Joyce in my wallet or handphone.

Simply because for someone that special, taking and keeping a picture on my ROKR phone doesn't seems to correlate very well. ROKR is meant for iTunes, so it's camera function wasn't as well-developed as other more advanced cellphones. My Nikon D70 takes way better photos. (Its CCD is much much larger than the ROKR's, thus the better image quality.) Plus I can potentially print an A2 photo of her to adorn my puny bedroom.

My wallet isn't any better either. My current wallet is, well, rugged and pretty messy. Not a nice place to keep anyone special. Should I acquire a very manly braun buffel wallet, I would put her photo in there. But I would probably take good care of the wallet too, by leaving it at home. Then her image won't be close to me.

Luckily I already have her in the best place available. :)

Yah, I know. Goosebumps.

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