3 February 2006

Now I got readership...

And my private life is now, well, not so private. Thankfully, I've come to terms to the idea of self-depreciating humour. So it's ok for me to let people know of the nonsense that goes through the lump of carbon-based material commonly called my head. Anyhow, honesty is the best policy. Better to let known than keep it within for the pressure to build up. Of course there's the part about the nonsensical, self-depreciating content that concerns a certain someone special that won't get out of my head. What if she finds out? I'm probably about the only person who will bother to search for the online existence of anyone who may not be well-known. In really bad terminology, it's like voyeurism, or worse, online stalking. Yup, for my esteemed reader (that's you, the one before this screen), you are either someone I already know, or someone I've already come across on either friendster, Multiply or as an honourable mention at prominent blogs like Xiaxue, Mr Brown or Mr Miyagi. In all cases, you are either a good buddy of mine or a hot chick with an online existence and photo album. So back to the question, for a blog that is so obscure, why should I need to worry? I'm the one doing all the pointless legwork anyway.

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