20 January 2006


For the good people who are happily attached or unattached but looking, may I suggest you set aside an amount of your income/allowance for the development of your future happiness. This little hoarding will be labelled the PAK TOR FUND. How is this PTF used? The PTF is constantly being used to during peace time so as to maintain the perception of peace. The PTF is usually converted into items relevant to the parties in mind (PIM). For example, flowers, shiny trinkets, cute and cuddly soft toys, nice smelling stuff, candlelight meals, weekend getaways and anything that may be remotely romantic. How often should the PTF be used? The PTF be converted as frequently as possible. This is also highly dependent on the PIM.If the PIM is bochup-positive, honestly, save up your PTF, work like crazy to grow your CPF, ROM with the PIM and buy a big house.Or if the PIM is bochup-negative, do the same, but forget about the ROM and big house.For all other cases, the recommended frequency of conversion is once a week. Also recommended is to have variety and variation in your conversions. What if I have no PIM? The purpose of the PTF is so that you will be ready in times of uncertainty. This means that you will be properly funded when the PIM comes along. With a strong PTF, you can kick start your plans to bring about the stability and peace that you may seek. Alternatively, your PTF can be diverted to other more low risk funds. Also, if you reach the age of 35 years, the PTF can be used to fund a hip and happening 3-room HDB flat, renovation included. What is the risk level of PTF? The risk level of PTF varies from PIM to PIM. But the track record is for this fund has been -23.6% p.a. from the dawn of the pak tor era. Sharp declines have been recorded on specific like 14 February, 25 December and 31 December. At least 2 additional sharp declines are also registered annually. From a survey of 3 people, the causes are birthdays and anniversaries. Reasons for other sharp declines include parents' birthday and parents' anniversary. Another happy reason is the marriage proposal Should I start a PTF? Most definitely. The PTF is extremely versatile. It can be used for a spectrum as wide and vast as your imagination. But the most important benefit is the positive lifetime relations between you and your PIM. What if I am already married? Is the PTF still relevant to me? Yes. In fact, the PTF will be even more important than before. PTF for married couples is recommended to keep the fire of passion burning. PTF here will make your PIM attractive, loved and possibly in the mood for love more often. This in turn helps to reduce divorce rates. So what are you waiting for? Start your PTF now!

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