17 January 2006

A Lesson on Chivalry

Read Xiaxue's entry on this molest incident during the NYE. Highlight of the entry was her slamming of Singaporean guys for not standing up for their girlfriends. As far as Singaporean guys are concerned, I have to admit that we have been brought up in an environment so sterile, we think twice before every move we make, the cause and consequence. Sometimes, it is even to the extent that we think twice to do even the simplest of things, let alone to stand up for your loved ones against adversity. Very often and unfortunately, rationale preceeds courage and chivalry. And if I may use this term to simplify, "don't dare to take risk". Basically, that's quite sad lah. I mean, the course of action a guy takes directly reflects how much or little he cares. With that said, I also want to add on that it is also the guy's upbringing that determines his course of action. Sometimes, there is a problem of what's right, what's wrong and what the law says. Standing up for the weak - right. Beating someone up for the wrong he did - wrong because one must not take law into your his hands. For that matter, the Botak Ah Beng & Co mentioned by Xiaxue's earlier entry was simply somebody with a good upbringing, someone who knew what was right. In the case of "what ifs", molesters are more likely to be cowards to begin with. They do it now because they had gotten away with it before. Don't let them get away again and again. So the girls in the incident had chickens for boyfriends. And for that they had every reason to cry about. Guys reading this, what would your stand be if you are thrown into this kind of situation? Like what Yin Kiat would say, "Do the right thing." And of course not to forget Botak Ah Beng & Co. :)

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