7 April 2010

Lingchuan & Shirely's Wedding Day

Congratulations to Lingchuan and Shirley! LingchuanShirley0635 LingchuanShirley0008 LingchuanShirley0045 Wasabi Rice Dumpling made with love! LingchuanShirley0046 LingchuanShirley0050 A very very bitter concoction, but very good for the body too. LingchuanShirley0052 LingchuanShirley0054 LingchuanShirley0079 LingchuanShirley0085 LingchuanShirley0089 LingchuanShirley0097 LingchuanShirley0153 LingchuanShirley0177 LingchuanShirley0187 LingchuanShirley0212 LingchuanShirley0214 LingchuanShirley0237 LingchuanShirley0242 LingchuanShirley0245 LingchuanShirley0269 LingchuanShirley0271 LingchuanShirley0286 The Mei Po suffering from rheumatism begged her way in. But the rowdy groomsmen exploited the "security lapse"! LingchuanShirley0291 Some even went through the window! LingchuanShirley0293 LingchuanShirley0322 Kids and women were the main casualties here. So take note! The guys had to make up for the injuries... LingchuanShirley0324 LingchuanShirley0362 Lingchuan was really into it!LingchuanShirley0390 The grrom making promises to Shirley's mom, who couldn't stop tearing. LingchuanShirley0404 LingchuanShirley0485 LingchuanShirley0535 The Lucky Number! SURE WIN! MUST BUY! LingchuanShirley0548 LingchuanShirley0561 LingchuanShirley0575 LingchuanShirley0631 LingchuanShirley0664 LingchuanShirley0867 LingchuanShirley0902 LingchuanShirley1039 LingchuanShirley1050 A light-hearted moment during the preparations. LingchuanShirley1054 LingchuanShirley1056 LingchuanShirley1062 LingchuanShirley1090 LingchuanShirley1098 LingchuanShirley1133 LingchuanShirley1155 LingchuanShirley1198 LingchuanShirley1233 LingchuanShirley1243 LingchuanShirley1247 LingchuanShirley1256 LingchuanShirley1266 LingchuanShirley1270 A guest tries to ambush the couple with the fire extinguisher! LingchuanShirley1311 LingchuanShirley1313 LingchuanShirley1339 Looking the part of a veteran Yam-Seng-er. (Not that there is such a word lah) LingchuanShirley1369 Toasting is a team effort. LingchuanShirley1373 A bit of a Malaysian Wedding Banquet in Singapore! LingchuanShirley1429 Notice the new red glow on the groom's face! LingchuanShirley1644 Doing stuff less ordinary! LingchuanShirley1618 With the guys... LingchuanShirley1606 With the girls... LingchuanShirley1609 All together now... LingchuanShirley1614 HUAT AH~!!!

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