21 February 2010

My Foldable Bicycle - Dahon Vitesse D7

As requested by a few friends, here are a few shots of my new foldable bicycle.

My Dahon Vitesse D7

I bought this bicycle mainly because I wanted to cycle to and from my current workplace. It turned out to be a great way to beat the traffic and the crowds on the train. Plus, it is a decent form of exercise.

Using Endomondo's mobile app, (GPS-enabled phone required) I can track the distance and route I take, and it automatically uploads the information to the website for records once I stop the application. Check out my daily route here: http://www.endomondo.com/workouts?w=igGNp96YYTg

For safety purposes, I almost always ride on the pavement, as it is along main road of my usual route. The ride usually takes about 35 mins. I make it a point to arrive 10 minutes before office hours to haul my folded bicycle to my cubicle and grab a quick shower at the gym in my office building.

My Dahon Vitesse folded up

Oh, a little more detail on the benefits: I sleep better, have more energy throughout the day and I get to plan my days ahead. Plus I think I am slowly slimming down.

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