14 June 2009

Reservist: Best 2 weeks of this year! (1-13 June 2009)

I was attending to matters of national importance (i.e. reservist) for the last 2 weeks and it was the best 2 weeks of this year. The following is a quick run-down of activities.

1 Jun: In-process. Met up with old and new camp-mates. Visited the eMart for a shopping spree with 11B credits and returned with a backpack that’s more suited for travelling, very high-end earplugs and a very good LED torchlight. Ended the day with an 8km route march.

2 Jun: Lecture and IPPT training.

3 Jun: Weapons training and IPPT.

4 Jun: TSR questionnaire and IMT.

5 & 6 Jun: Go for range.

8 Jun: Infantry Gunnery and Tactics Simulation

9 & 10 Jun: Field mission

11 Jun: Virtual Battle Simulation – like playing CounterStrike or Call of Duty.

12 Jun: Out-Process and Cohesion Dinner

13 Jun: IPPT

I’m already looking forward to the next reservist training. I liken it to an military-themed vacation. It makes me feel young again, because everybody behaves in a hilariously juvenile manner. No I can’t blog about it because the details are classified.

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