9 April 2009

Quick Links

gothere.sg iPhone giveaway in Singapore
A company with the killer app (gothere.sg) tickles the market with what everone really lusts for - an iPhone 3G.
Now that's what you call an effective viral, Web 2.0, social media savvy, online contest.

Time Waster: My Brute
Waste time by pitting your cute and violent fighter against others'.
Create your own and fight with mine.
I named him korkenarden and he lives up to the name, by being a korkenarden.
It is all the rage online nowadays. The game, and not being a korkenarden.

Our local version of Cute Overload
Like the more famous and successful Cute Overload, but local and much smaller scale.

Save money and avoid clutter with toy rentals
A really sensible concept amidst this economic turmoil. Especially when children's attention span is so short

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