16 February 2009

Accident along Choa Chu Kang Way


There had been an accident last night along Choa Chu Kang Way last night. This is probably the 5th time in the last 11 years that I've been living here. Motorists (especially immature ones) have a tendency to speed to beat the traffic lights because it is possible to see at least 2 of them in green when they are on the road.


What I'm really more concerned with is, a lot people cross this road everyday. And with the current environment and such drivers around, more accidents are bound to happen. Victims can be pedestrians and motorists. I really hope authorities can do about it. Just a deliberate tweak in the traffic lights to ensure the 2 in question don't light up green together should help tremendously.

Here's a closer look at the damage on both cars. The ambulance didn't leave the scene too quickly, so I guess the motorists weren't that badly injured.



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